bear City

i wear red lipstick around the house. just for shits and giggles, as my sister would say. sometimes it's to motivate me to get out of my room. sometimes, it's to make me feel better about staying in. most of the time it's about feeling like a lady, when i don't.

I was supposed to go to a wedding reception/party occasion thing tonight, but no matter the amount of red lipstick i applied, I couldn't find myself filled with the desire to "dress up." On my days off, i am most comfortable in jeans, a low-cut t-shirt, a hoody, my leather jacket and boots. END OF STORY. I've conditioned myself to think that "bad-ass" is "sexy" and i don't like to vary. Granted I love me a summer dress or 7, at the end of the day I'm cut-offs, not curtsies.

Instead of the burlesque-wedding-extravaganza, i landed myself on a couch (in my cut-offs and boots) with 2 and 1/2 gays and Meg Ryan all night. Long story short, the next graphic T you'll find me in is going to read "sorry boys, I only date Bears."

Okay fine, we watched Bear City too.

edit: that picture is way bigger than I thought it would be.

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  1. 2 and 1/2 gays -- I'd watch that show over Charlie Sheen's recently-canceled gig. omg, web series anyone?!