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Today I walked 6 miles from downtown LA to an area just west of Silverlake, which I do not know the name of. I also took some pictures.
1. Two Boots in Echo Park had really nice patio furniture. I sat at a table of 5, in the center seat, alone with 2 slices of pizza. I'd received one for free. I was really hung over and completely delirious from the desert heat. This was around mile 4.3
2. Echo Park
3. Micro-vision. Isn't that just really pretty?
4. You're not homeless if you start decorating your boxes with fake flowers. You just live Outside.
5. Is that...? He couldn't have combed... and gelled...
6. Yes he did.
7. Boyfriend Cat. I have a picture of him in my wallet. Cat lady status what?!

It's late and I am sleepytime.


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